Catherine commenced at Karinya House as a Support Worker in 2009, following a career in the travel industry. Catherine then moved into a caseworker role, growing into the Senior Caseworker/Team Leader role in 2017, before being appointed to the role of Services Director in 2021. Throughout this time Catherine’s lived experience of working in a range of role was augmented by ongoing formal professional development.

The experience of having worked across the diversity of roles across Karinya House means Catherine is well placed to lead the casework team. Catherine’s approach to casework is grounded in an ethic of care and kindness. This ethic is focused on providing space and time for a woman to be able to identify their existing strengths, so they can build on their experiences and move to a position of confidence.

Having grown up in Canberra and having been involved in Karinya House for over 10 years Catherine has a strong understanding of the community services and networks across the region and a deep understanding of the lives of the women Karinya walks alongside. Catherine is passionate in her advocacy for women and identifying systemic barriers.

Catherine is a mother to three children, including twins. Being the parent of twins has seen Catherine compliment her work at Karinya as a volunteer with The Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association as ‘Family Liaison Officer’ and ‘Antenatal Coordinator’.