About Us

Karinya House Home for Mothers & Babies Inc is a community based organisation providing supported accommodation, transitional housing and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women and their families who are in crisis.

Karinya – an aboriginal word meaning ‘peaceful home’

Karinya House proudly recognises the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to own and control their cultures and pay our respect to these rights.  Karinya House acknowledges the need to respect and encourage the diversity of Indigenous cultures and to respect Indigenous world views, lifestyles and customary laws. We extend our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who for thousands of years have preserved the cultures and practices of their communities on country.

This land was never surrendered, and we acknowledge that it always was and will continue to always be Aboriginal land.
This publication was prepared and published on Ngunnawal lands.
Karinya House acknowledges the Aboriginal Nations on which we work and live and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and into the future.

Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time.  However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated.  

For 23 years, Karinya House has provided immediate support for women who are pregnant or have new babies and have nowhere else to turn.  We provide safe housing, casework, support services, health professionals and practical assistance during pregnancy and birth, together with connections to health, welfare, legal, educational and financial services.  

To do this, Karinya House has a team of Case Workers, Counsellors, Midwives and a purpose build secure accommodation facility which is home for up to 11 women and their children at any one time.  We also support up to 40 women and their children in the community at any one time through our outreach services.  Karinya House relies on the community to donate 50% of the funding needed to provide vital services to women and their new born babies.   

Women and children who are supported by Karinya House go on to make a home, access education, gain employment and engage in their communities.  The change that Karinya House creates is transformational and has a positive impact on future generations.  

Karinya House is a community based, not for profit organisation servicing the ACT and surrounding regions. The service operates on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis and is located in the ACT. Karinya supports women from Canberra and surrounding regional areas. It is the only residential and outreach service specifically for pregnant and parenting women in the region.  We offer a secure and caring environment for women who are pregnant, or parenting with newborn babies and who are without appropriate support and accommodation. 

Our 24/7 service includes: supported accommodation, transitional housing, an outreach service and group program for pregnant women at any time before the birth of their baby and for up to three months after their baby is born.  The Karinya House Practice Framework is based on individual case management with a co-developed case management plan of support and counselling for women which incorporates health and welfare services relating to childbirth, parenting, housing, life skills, continuing education, information and appropriate referral. 

Karinya House offers safe accommodation for women, where required, emotional and practical support during and after pregnancy, as well as security and safety. Security may come in the form of financial support, accommodation or emotional security. For many women, Karinya House is the only source of support and care they have. Karinya House fosters a strong ethos of supporting others to make the best possible choice for themselves. Karinya is a non-religious, non-government annon-judgemental organisation.  We assure our clients that no matter their situation, Karinya House is here to help without influence over their decisions. We are here to provide a safe place and support to help our service users make the right decisions for themselves. 

For more information about Karinya House view our Karinya House Brochure.