About us

At Karinya House we value each individual and recognise their lived experience. We offer women practical support and opportunities that enable the development of confidence, a positive sense of self and personal skills. We are dedicated to providing appropriate professional services and facilities. We provide a place of sanctuary and growth for women.

Every woman who is pregnant or parenting should be surrounded with the support she needs. However, not every woman has safety, shelter or a positive support network. 

Karinya House is a local, community based, not-for-profit organisation servicing Canberra and surrounding regions. Established in 1997, Karinya House provides safety, shelter and a positive support network for women.  

As a 24-hour, seven day a week service, Karinya House is the only service of its kind, specifically for women in the region who are pregnant or parenting, offering case management services which may include residential and/or outreach-based support services 

Karinya House recognises and acknowledges the unique lived experiences of women as they navigate building a future for themselves. Our practice framework is focused on developing a sense of hope and belonging, to effect lasting positive change in the lives of the women in contact with Karinya House. 

By providing a framework of care that encompasses the whole person, practitioners walk alongside women as they develop their capacity to represent themselves and to make informed choices about their own lives.  The Karinya House Practice Framework is founded within the principals of trauma informed care and practice. Individual casework management and flexibility in service provision are paramount at Karinya House.  

Karinya is a non-religious, non-government and non-judgemental organisation. We assure women that no matter their situation, Karinya House is here to help without influence over their decisions.  We are here to provide support and a safe place for women to make the best possible choices for themselves and to determine their own continuing journey. 

The change that Karinya House facilitates is transformational and has a positive impact on future generations. 

To learn more about the services of Karinya House, we invite you to view About Karinya House and Karinya House – Celebrating 25 Years. Both videos gifted to Karinya House from our Friends at Missing Bits Productions – as part of our celebration of women, 25 years beyond the start of Karinya House.

For more information about Karinya House view our Karinya-House-Brochure.