Women 4 Women – The First Circle

On 12 December 2023, rather late in the year, there was a gathering of around 30 women, in the Howard Lounge at the Hyatt Hotel (with our gratitude to the Hyatt for the central and gifted venue).

Hosted by CEO Lavinia Tyrrel, and facilitated by our good Friend, Shelley Thompson (Patient Experience Agency), the women were invited to share their professional insights and expertise in support of the continued strategic development of the financial sustainability of Karinya House, to ensure continued provision of services for women who are pregnant or parenting a baby.

One might say, we gathered a Brains Trust for new insight. Committee President Margaret O’Donovan, and Committee Member, Sehida Frawley also attended.  This particular session focused on network and partner building events, as one part of our non-government funding framework.

All of the women who were able to respond to this invitation, rather late in the year, are all connected to Karinya House in some way, either directly in partnership, in a financial and/or pro-bono basis, or through their respective networks. We remain grateful for the gift of their time, knowledge and expertise, particularly given the timing.

From this gathering, we collated many thought-provoking insights, and a number of the women have committed to further sessions to develop other aspects of our non-government funding framework in support of the continued development of financial sustainability.

The seeds planted will begin to take form, and we are also hoping to gain new insights from other circles, of all different combinations of Friends and Partners, among the many people who recognise and support the women we walk alongside.