Stephanie Corkhill-Hyles has been supporting Karinya House for many, many years.  In later years, as artistic talents developed into the career that Steph enjoys today, we have been the beneficiary of her delightful artwork, both to use and to auction! We asked Steph about her partnership with Karinya House…

  • How long you have been aware of and a supporter of Karinya House? In what capacity?
  •  What is the reason you became a corporate partner of Karinya House?
  • What is your interpretation/observation of how KH supports women in our Canberra and Region community?
  • How do you see the value of your contribution come to life with KH.

I have known about Karinya since the very start. And I have been involved in facilitating Art Workshops for the last 10 years and creating the image for the Christmas card for the last 6? Years. I also have donated artworks at the Mother’s Day Ball.

I’ve never felt as if i was a corporate partner!!!  The reason why I choose to support Karinya House is because I think they do amazing work. Their love and support for women less fortunate than myself is immense. We don’t choose what we are born into and some are born into very difficult situations. I have been blest to have a loving supportive family and Karinya House is this for so many women. 

Karinya is ‘everything’ to so many. They help change lives and give opportunities and insights into a ‘different’ way of looking at living your lives.

I feel that I have been given my gifts to share with others and this is a way I can help. 

As well as her artworks, Steph is an author and blogger. Her Love Letters, Filling my Well Workshops and Thursday Evenings at Westbourne Huts are enjoyed by many, along with Steph’s vibrant and thoughtul artworks.  You can find Stephanie’s artworks for sale at various locations across the region. At the moment, there is a special exhibition (with part of the proceeds supporting Karinya House) at ShopTexasJane in Wagga Wagga (image below).  If you are curious head to Steph’s website or social media pages (FB and Instagram).

Thank you Steph! We love working with you.

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