Aaah! Those less than ordinary days continue to feature in our collective lives as we travel through 2020.

At Karinya our primary focus is the lives of the women we journey with and the community in which we all journey.

We are developing, as the situation develops, the Karinya response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure services continue and accurate and helpful information is conveyed amongst the Karinya village. As our Executive Director often says … “Just slow things down…”

As we implemented a plan in response to the immediate impacts of the climate crisis in earlier months, we are also implementing an action plan in response to the current unfolding crisis referred to as COVID-19.  We are particularly focussed on ensuring support services for women continue safely.

Outside of normal services, which remain always paramount, we do have upcoming events which both celebrate the women we support, their resilience and determination, and also raise necessary funding to continue the services we provide.

We have, as always, been buoyed by the fabulous response from our community to committing to these events and we thank you.

We will be monitoring the unfolding circumstances and will take appropriate and prescribed actions.

This may include “digitizing” or postponing our upcoming events. Either way we value your support of these events. Be assured your current and continued support will be honoured.

If you have made a booking or indicated attendance at an upcoming event, we will be in contact to provide this advice, and also future advice as it becomes available.

We will be asking you to support the events still in whatever form or timing they may take. These events are important to us for both of the reasons outlined earlier.

These decisions will not be taken without thought and “slowing things down” as we are mindful of venues, staff and suppliers. Responses must be both responsible and measured.

We will keep you informed. In the meantime we thank you for continuing to journey with us. Your support makes a difference and together as the Karinya Village we can have intergenerational impact.

Thank you all for your understanding. Please stay safe, and always be kind.