We had regular donors and new donors and the supporters of the Mercy Walk going online during September to support women. And with thanks to our Matched Giving Fund Partners, every donation has been doubled.

Every woman who is pregnant or parenting a baby, should be surrounded with the support she needs. One of the main supports is time.  Karinya House invests time to support each individual woman we walk alongside.

Across September 2021, we received $37,367 for 378 donors, including all donations to the Mercy Walk for Women 2021.  This amount will be matched dollar for dollar by our Matched Giving Partners, who, based on past years, always choose to donate their full pledged amount. So with the pledged funds of $49,000, total funds raised in September 2021 is $86,367.  This value funds one full time caseworker for a full year. A full time caseworker would have a caseload of around 10 women at any one time.

Our Non-Government Funding target this year is $634,700 to support 30% of our annual costs of service delivery.  We appreciate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring financial impacts and hardship to the community in which we live.  We have seen a slow down in donor support and we understand this amidst the circumstances in which we all live at present.  We stand with you.  We thank everyone who has been able to give a little during September 2021.

We thank our Matched Giving Partners: CK Architecture, Chadwick Designs, Corkhill Bros, Monarch Building Solutions, Pat’s Plumbing First Choice, Riverview Projects (ACT), Sharwood Hampers, Successful Alliances, William Cole Funerals.