One + One for Karinya – Annual Matched Giving Day – Thank You! 

Thank you to everyone who supported our Annual Giving Day – leading up to and held on our 22 Anniversary – 29 September 2019.  The total amount raised is $13,100!   This will be doubled becoming $26,200.  We were aiming for $33,000 to match to become $66,000.. so for a first time attempt at a matched giving day…. we think this is quite spectacular!

There were may shares and retweets and reposts across all Social Media Platforms. We thank you for getting the word out there for us!

To all the people who donated toward our Inaugural Annual Giving Day..  Thank you so very much to each and every one of you who specifically donated toward  the One + One Appeal …

Jennifer, Erin, Nicole and Pete, Mario, Christopher, Joy, Michael, Frank, Sonia, Kim, Denis and Rosemary, Christine, Christine, Vicki, Michael, Frank, Peter, Belle, Boram Park, Dominic, Bill, Moya, Margaret, Pat’s Plumbing First Choice, Barbara, Donna, Martin, Cafe l’Amour, Laura, Kathleen, Gwen, Max, Marie-Louise, Clare, Phillips. Claire, Patricia, Kate, Larissa, Maya, Kay, Louise, Heidi, Julie, Michael, Stacy, Chris, Rachel, Jodie, Renata, Jenny, Lighthouse Architecture & Science, Nic, Lyndal, Claire, Alessandra, Michelle, Tim, Verona, Caterina, Mabel, Kevin, Nailah, Jenny and Shane…

We especially thank The RiotACT, who supported our appeal for new donors … with this wonderful article…TheRiotACT_190926      Thank for your support!

The aim of the One + One Annual Matched Giving Day was to help us grow our Village.  We als hope to encourage new Corporate Donors who might support a growing Matched Giving Day Pool for 2020. If you would like to be a matching corporate partner in future years, please email Jo.

We especially want to send a note of thanks to all our every day and recurring donors…. Without your continued commitment, we would not have lasted 22 years and we would not be looking forward to the next 22!.  The every day and recurring donors are critical to funding the services of Karinya.. We value each and every one of you, and hopefully we may continue to grow the every day and recurring Village!   A number of you also donated a bit extra toward our Matched Giving Day.. Your impact really is more than doubled.   During September, we received extraordinary donations from our existing Friends …  this included one of donations, monthly recurring donations, and quarterly recurring donations, totalling $22,486. We have a feeling our Corporate Partners will support all amounts donated in September up to the total matching pool available ($33,000).  Onboard for the 2019 Matched Giving Day were these wonderful Karinya Champion Corporate Partners – Corkhill Bros, Riverview Projects (ACT)Ginninderry Community, Clarke Keller, Connect3i, and Successful Alliances.  We thank you all! So very much.

Each month, Karinya House needs to raise $66,000 in donor and fundraising revenue (non-government revenue).  So you can see that every donation every day makes a difference! It costs us $66 per hour, providing over 29,000 service hours per annum.

Thank you all for being part of our Village for September 2019!  We hope you will all be back in September 2020, and hopefully on occasion during the months in between.

“Karinya has helped me in so many ways. They have been emotionally supportive, given me respite as I care for my baby girl, helped facilitate contact with my older daughter (at Karinya), given me lovely things and helped me with securing safe housing. Most of all Karinya has given us hope.” 

Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time. However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated. For 22 years, Karinya House has provided immediate support for women who are pregnant or have new babies and have nowhere else to turn. Women and children who are supported by Karinya House go on to make a home, access education, gain employment and engage in their communities. To do this important work we need the support of the community.

If you would like to be a matching corporate partner this year or in future years, please email Jo.

Our thanks as always to our good friends at 180 Degree Marketing who are covering the costs of promoting our campaign across our social media platforms.