Karinya House loves to partner with local small businesses, where there is a mutual synergy of values, in a for purpose-social enterprise style framework.  That is, the financial partnership with Karinya is linked to the growth of the business (through a percentage of business revenue).   It is wonderful for us to be able to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with the inspiring Christine Waring Millinery.

The absolute joy of this partnership is that we are co-charity partners with our very good friends at Roundabout Canberra.  RC, as we fondly refer to them as, are such a valued part of the Karinya House Team. We hope they don’t mind we consider them to be a part of our Team.  We have been strongly connected to RD since they began in 2018. Before RC we used to collect pre-loved goods – on a very limited basis – and the Karinya Caseworkers would take time to prepare the goods support packages for women they are supporting with full casework.  Being able to email RC with the required order, and to know these packages will be able to be prepared for collection in such a respectful and warm way, has made such a difference. This saves us both time, maximising time on casework support, and valuable, very limited storage space!

Christine has been a Friend of Karinya in so many ways over so many years. One of her millinery creations has always featured as part of the Karinya House Annual Mother’s Day Gala Dinner Auction and is always a finely sought after item.  Ad hoc auctions of hats have occurred with sale proceeds coming by way of donation to Karinya House.  Christine has undertaken many of the Annual Mercy Walks from Boorowa to Galong, and we have been supported by her supporters, including her wonderful family. Christine is a warm, energetic part of the Karinya Family. We were privileged to share time with Christine, with the passing of her dear husband and life partner, Tom almost 3 years ago. We know Christine continues to be impassioned by her memories of Tom and their life adventures together.  A dear friend of our Committee President, Sarah Kelly, and an extraordinarily gifted Milliner, we are proud and privileged to partner with Christine Waring Millenery, and to have such a good Friend.

After one of the recent Mercy Walk for Women events, we referred Christine to Roundabout Canberra as a volunteer. Since then, Christine has also been supporting RC, and we love being mentioned with RC in every one of Christine’s fabulous social media posts, featuring one of her fantastic designs or other intriguing snippets.  Christine loves volunteering at Roundabout Canberra, and we encourage everyone to volunteer to do a shift or two with the fabulous RC team. As thoughtful as ever, we have heard that Christine often also arrives for a volunteer shift with a bundle of items that are needed at the time, purchased new and ready to be packaged! Christine’s warmth, generosity and enthusiasm know now bounds.

Today, we welcome a more formal partnership with Christine, who has committed to supporting Karinya House on an ongoing basis, donating 10% of all her sales to Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra. At the end of each year, sales will be tallied and donations will ensue. How fabulous!  We are proud to welcome Christine as a valued Corporate Partner, part of our Village!

In Christine’s words, “I am so pleased to be able to set up a way to support two of my favourite charities, both of whom I personally support and volunteer with.  They are part of my family now, and both Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra support women, babies, families. I value my family so much, and I value the support I have always received through my life, both as a child growing up and as a mother, wife and businesswoman myself.  This is such a wonderful way to support my two favourite charities through doing something I love to do.  Creating hats and head pieces for people gives me an opportunity to learn a little of their lives, both their joys, successes and their difficult times.  Adding a very special purpose to the creation of a hat or headpiece through supporting Karinya House and Roundabout is just a perfect edge to the work I love to do. I look forward to continuing my wonderful partnership with Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra!” (Christine Waring, 23 July 2020)