In the 2020/21, 15.3 % of women Karinya House walked alongside identified as Indigenous, and this is indicative of the average percentage over the last 23 years. Recognising the need to ensure the Karinya House practice framework is culturally appropriate and draws on traditional wisdoms and ways of knowing, Karinya House has been successful in securing a grant from Calleo Indigenous Community Foundation to employ an Identified Caseworker.

Based on the successful Health Professional model at Karinya House, this Caseworker would form part of an individual’s ‘care team’ to support women who are pregnant or parenting, and who identify as Indigenous, or whose children are Indigenous.

Each ‘care team’ works in partnership with an individual woman to identify her priorities, co-design and work towards goals. Goals are often linked to safe housing, health, wellbeing, future learnings, and employment.

This Indigenous Caseworker will ensure that this journey is culturally appropriate and draws on traditional wisdoms and ways of knowing. In addition, this Caseworker would inform and share knowledge and practices, as appropriate with all at Karinya House, increasing knowledge, respect and recognition.

The available funding allows for the engagement of an individual equivalent to a Grade 5 – Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010, fractionally for up to twelve months. The role may be extended for up to two years dependent on funding.

Further information on the role, and how to apply is available here.

Applications for the role close on Monday 22 November.

Enquiries about the role can be directed to Belinda Munn, Executive Officer via or on 0408 095 243.