Karinya is seeking the opportunity to progressively convert our fleet of 4 community service transport vehicles (ICE vehicles) to electric (EV) vehicles, with partner funding. The purpose of this project is three-fold:

  • Ensure Karinya transport is maintained and kept up to date to maximise safety of all drivers and passengers, including women who are    pregnant, babies and children.
  • Continue to decrease the environmental impact of Karinya services.
  • Continue to improve efficiencies of service operating costs, seeking ways to reduce annual operating costs where possible.

It is important to note that vehicle signage for funding partners is not possible, due to the nature of our support services. (The women we walk alongside are often impacted by domestic and family violence.)

Following recent investigations on alternatives available to us, we have received a very attractive net trade-in offer from a local Canberra based motor vehicle group, for one of our smaller hatch backs. The quote includes a significant new vehicle discount and a very generous trade-in component.

The total project cost including the installation of a universal onsite EV charge hub will be $34,000.
We are seeking new capital funding contribution of $25,000.

Ideally, we would like to also trade-in a second vehicle (a small SUV), due to the age and state of the second vehicle, however this would require, an additional new capital funding contribution of at least the same amount again.

If this opportunity for corporate partnership is of interest to you, please contact our Finance and Business Manager, [email protected]