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Be Awesome! Be A Fundraiser!

“She knows it is her community who is recognising and supporting her.”

Karinya House recognises the value of collaboration in all we do. This includes our financial framework. Karinya House was established by the community for the community. The original seed funding to set up and open Karinya House came from fundraising events held over the 1990’s.  Today, donations to Karinya House arising from fundraising events still continue to represent an important part of our funding base.

We welcome and invite you to run a fundraiser for us.  If you have a fundraising event planned and would like to support Karinya House, please let us know by completing and submitting the contact form below. We can assist in many ways by providing:

  • information about Karinya House and the services supported by donor funds
  • POS terminals for accepting donations at events
  • Karinya Merchandise for prizes or gifts
  • a unique donation page on our website for your event to accept online donations as part of your event (and give you a tally of funds donated!)
  • on occasions, member/s of the Karinya team may be able to attend your event to speak about the services of Karinya House
  • assist with links to video stories about Karinya House
  • any other assistance we can to help you support Karinya House!

*** Thank you!! ***

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