Lucy Roberts joined the Karinya Care Team as a caseworker in November 2021. With a Bachelor of Social and Community Studies together with a number of certificates in related social sciences, Lucy has worked in the ACT community sector for over 10 years. Lucy brings a wealth of local experience and service connections, all wrapped up with a can-do spirit and enthusiasm, and a preparedness to walk alongside women on their journey.

Through our work at Karinya we have linked with Lucy through her work for other service partners and it has been wonderful to welcome Lucy to the Karinya team.

When asked recently about her first months with Karinya House, Lucy shared,

“I am really enjoying getting to know the incredible women who Karinya are working alongside in their journeys throughout pregnancy and into parenting. Karinya’s approach to working with women as human beings with their own stories and experiences really appeals to me. Karinya House encourages and allows for case workers to spend time developing a safe, honest, and meaningful connections with the families being supported. We get to know the person for all their unique individual qualities and challenges and can meet them where they are at. This is what I think makes the biggest difference and where the ‘magic’ really happens. I have always wanted to work for Karinya as I have heard so many positive reflections from women supported by Karinya House as well as through the reputation within the Canberra community sector and I am delighted to be part of the team.”