A few words from Emily, who recently joined Karinya as a Support Worker.

“I am a registered nurse with a background of pediatric and fertility nursing. I have been on the journey from pre-conception to parenting young children with many of my patients over the years.

I have 4 small children and have appreciated the support from my village of women more than I can explain. I feel it is imperative to have people around to support and nurture you as you grow into being a mother. It is a challenging stage of life, with so much joy, but also many moments of being unsure in your own capabilities.

I have found that my passion is working with women, supporting them in whatever they need to thrive as an individual and also as a mother.

Karinya has the most beautiful women centred approach and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. The staff have huge hearts and the environment is open and welcoming. I look forward to what there is to come.”

We are so pleased to welcome Emily, and we think Emily has a huge heart also!