A warm welcome to Chelsea Rolls, who recently joined Karinya House, as a support worker.  Reflecting on her work so far at Karinya, Chelsea commented, “I’ve felt very welcomed to the KH team. It’s great to be in a workplace where care and consideration drive what we do. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing our residents grow in confidence and skill throughout their journeys. I feel very lucky to be a member of the Karinya team.”

Chelsea has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), ANU, and is currently completing her Masters of Secondary Teaching at the University of Canberra. Chelsea summarises her work and study since completed secondary college in 2015 as follows: “I am a Psychology graduate passionate about providing young, and vulnerable people with access to quality education and social support. My personal philosophy towards teaching values the development of personal and social capabilities and I am eager to provide support for positive change in the lives of women. I am attuned to the use of professional frameworks in service delivery, and appreciate the social work requires ongoing professional development and critical reflection. I believe that successful teamwork requires the meaningful engagement of all team members; I have made it my purpose to provide my colleagues with the assistance necessary to make meaningful contributions. I hope to continue this as part of the care team at Karinya House.”

Welcome Chelsea.  Your service at Karinya House so far has indeed provided a meaningful contribution as part of the Karinya care team. We value your part in our team. Thank you.