For most women, pregnancy is a journey taken with the support of their families, their mother, partner, sister, friend…
for the women of Karinya, there is little or no support or recognition..

Late last year, we sat down with Katey and the team from 180 Degree Marketing, and we answered lots of questions about what we do here at Karinya House. Katey and the team wanted to help us explain, simply, what we do….

They know that we need your help, the help from our community, to keep doing what we are doing… supporting women, who are pregnant or parenting newborns, within our Canberra Region, with little or no support.

  “We are….”

To help us grow our village, the 180 Team worked with our Friends at Missing Bits Productions (Ben and Adam).. This is what they came up with.

Can you become part of the Village.  Become a Friend of Karinya today.

Thank you!