Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove was a warmly welcomed visitor for morning tea at Karinya House on 3 November 2017.  With a wonderful array of baking provided by some of the staff and volunteers skilled in that area, we had a number of our beautiful residents come and meet with Lady Cosgrove, with a few special little babies also proving their delight. It was a little cool and windy (as can happen with Karinya and special events!), though the warmth and delight of this visit remained with all of us throughout.  Also present were a number of our Committee, Volunteers and Staff.  Lady Cosgrove also surprised us with a very practical gift – a washing basket (always guaranteed to find a home) that was packed with new baby items – which are always welcome here at Karinya.  We extend our sincere thanks to Lady Cosgrove for her continued patronage during this current term.  Our gratitude also to Bronwyn, Senior Executive Assistant to the Governor General, who assisted greatly in organising this wonderful visit.