We have a wonderful community of (Financial) Friends of Karinya. Many of them have been with us from the beginning in 1997. Sometimes though, we all need a bit of help from some new Friends…
Karinya House has operated for 22 years this September.  On our anniversary we do have a little something in the air! You may have seen a hint or two …

Right now though we do need your help – we do need New Friends.

Last year, Karinya House operated at a Deficit of $(78,910).  We fell short of Donor and Fundraising Revenue targets by $(204,661), whilst raising $645,339 – Our sincere thanks to all who contributed to the funding raised.  We controlled costs and the final loss was not as high as it could have been.  At this stage, Karinya House – which is operating at full capacity from within our new Home – would prefer not to reduce staff and service delivery commensurately.

For 2019/2020 our Donor and Fundraising Revenue target is set at $720,000, which based on our current level of support is achievable.  However, even if we reach this target, we will still fall short of our necessary operating costs. The Budgeted deficit for 2019/2020 is $(91,601).

500 new Friends at $20 per month, would fund this shortfall.
1,000 new Friends at $20 per month, would make a huge difference moving forward and beyond 2019/2020.

We are not expanding… we are simply trying to operate Karinya House at its full capacity.  To do this we need to build our village to a sustainable, relatively small circle (amongst the community population) – to be the village for around 200 women each year (and their babies and children) – who have no one else walking alongside them for support.

The cost of service for 2019/2020 for Karinya House is $66 per hour. We think that is a pretty amazing cost for what a service hour can mean.  This includes staffing and infrastructure support costs.  If 2,000 people donated 1 Hour of Service – $66.00 – we would fund our budget shortfall.

Can you help?  Please consider becoming a Friend of Karinya today or donating $66 to cover One hour of service.  A single donation or a monthly recurring donation of any amount will make a huge difference.

As someone recently said to us about our current Karinya Friends…  the adage is true – once a Friend, always a Friend of Karinya.  We thank the Friends who have been with us for so many years.  We could not have come this far without you

We hope many more friends will join our circle. You would be most welcome!

If you do currently donate to Karinya House, please contact us if you would like to share the reason why you support Karinya House. We would like to share the thoughts of our donors with others. You are part of Karinya House and your story is part of our story.

Join our Village Today