Vale Myrna Stinziani

The Committee, Staff and Volunteers of Karinya House pay tribute to Myrna Stinziani.  We extend our condolences to Myrna’s Children, their Partners and all the Grandchildren.

Myrna is recognised as one of the greatly loved and admired Founders of Karinya House.  As a member of this founding group, Myrna was particularly involved in many of the fundraising ventures (and there were many!) over four years, to raise the seed funding to establish Karinya House in 1997.  As every Founder would know, these early years included the huge effort involved with the Karinya House car raffles. The car raffles, along with many other fundraising events, raised the $250,000 seed funding necessary to see Karinya House open its doors and accepts its first woman resident in September 1997. Myrna’s Husband Paul (deceased) was also an active member of and for Karinya House.

With the incorporation of the Karinya House, Myrna took on the role of Secretary and served on the Committee until 1999, whilst remaining as Public Officer until 2007 and assisting in numerous voluntary capacities Myrna is pictured below with Executive Director, Marie-Louise Corkhill accepting flowers on the occasion of her stepping down from her final official position in 2007.

Myrna remained a member of the Association until today and will always be remembered as a member of the Karinya House Association – the Karinya Family.

Vale Myrna Stinziani – a woman of care and compassion, peace, warmth and great generosity..