Belle_Tim_ChadwickWe received an amazing phone call late last year from Belle Chadwick, of Chadwick Designs.  Belle, and her husband Tim, have offered to completely fit out all the window furnishings and fittings (curtains, blinds and the like) as well as other soft furnishings at our New Home.  The only cost to us will be any heavily discounted costs of base materials to be supplied as required.  We asked Belle to describe how this came to be:

“Professionally, Chadwick Designs is proud to contribute to the wonderful new resource being built. We are so excited to donate high quality, beautiful and homely curtains, blinds, shutters, and soft furnishings to Karinya House. Our hope is that all residents and employees feel safe, secure, loved and comfortable.

It is a privilege to be able to help Karinya House in what ever way I can. I am in awe of the work they do for the women and babies who need it most. I have two small children myself and have been so lucky to have such a strong support network which aided me through sickness and Post Natal Depression. The thought of having a child and being vulnerable without support is truly terrible. The women of Karinya are inspiring and we are proud to be associated with this wonderful organisation.”

Belle Chadwick – Owner and Managing director of Chadwick Designs

We remain astounded by the generosity of this offer. To be clear, we are talking about window furnishings across the whole complex.  This encompases three Cottages (two bedrooms each cottage), one Double Storey block of Four Units (each two bedrooms), the Supported Accommodation Building (Four Bedrooms and One Staff Bedroom), as well as the Adminstration Building.  We are looking forward to working with Belle and Tim, and we thank them.  This is wonderful for all the women and families who will use this facility as their Home and their safe Space. It is also a great gift for our wonderful staff and volunteers.