In a first of what we hope might be many, we gathered a few of our funding partners (current or potential!) together at Ovolo Nishi to give them a briefing of our New Home, over canapés and drinks.  We thank our friend Nicole for the donation of the canapés – how generous, and we thank Ovolo Nishi, for their donation of such a lovely venue! Thank you, thank you!   To our guests who may have donated as a contribution to the gathering, we are thankful too!

Photos from the event are now available in our photo gallery.

The Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, took special leave from a sitting evening to join us for a brief time, and we were most fortunate, given the events in politics this week, to have Annabelle Crabb, join us for a while as well.  (We cannot guarantee, alas, that this series of events may have guests like this, but amongst you all, we know there are many gems!).

The gathering was small and we only gathered for a short time. The aim was to deliver some information about Karinya House and our New Home, to test the waters as it were, and see how these new developments would be received and how they might be supported.  To this end, we can say it was a most successful evening, and we extend our thanks to all who did attend and provide their feedback.

At the event, we shared a document that outlined further details of Our New Home and what it means for Karinya House, and more importantly, for our service provision to the Canberra and Regional Community. It also outlines the support and partnerships we are seeking to establish, to ensure the transition is a success and the service expansion is sustainable into the future.You can view and download this document. Karinya – Our New Home – Prospectus

The great thing about the evening, apart from one spent amongst “Friends”, is that it means we can now schedule in a few more.  We are deliberately keeping them small, so the number we have will depend on the interest we receive.  If you are interested in attending such an event which would comprise an hour or two at a venue in Canberra, please do let us know. Also, if you have a preference for a day time event, also let us know, and if we do have enough interest we will see what we can organise.

The site plan for our new home is below – you can download a PDF version by clicking on the image.