Love wine Love Canberra

Every year at the Annual Karinya House Mother’s Day Gala Dinner, we have the Infamous Mystery Wine Draw.  It is a hoot and many of the guests just love it! So do we. It is a key part of this significant fundraising event, that is first and foremost a celebration of the women of the Karinya, their valued part in our community and the support you provide through Karinya House.

How does the Infamous Mystery Wine Draw work?  Well you buy a ticket for $20. That ticket has a number on it.  You then select the wine bottle with that same corresponding number on its lid.  The wine is generally around the $20 mark at least (RRP) but can at times be a wine valued at a significantly higher recommended retail price.  You may find a prized bottle of local Canberra Region wine from our friends at Clonakilla, Mallaluka Wines, Ravensworth, Gundog Estate, Tallagandra Wines and Lake George Winery.. or from a bit further afield.. like Joshua’s Fault,  Kirrilhill, Sew & Sew and Yarran (due to a friendly Karinya House connection… )…

We rely on the generous donation of wine to make the Infamous Mystery Wine Draw be of maximum fundraising benefit to Karinya House.  Relying on the donation of wine each year can be quite an ask for many of our awesome wineries.

We think it would be more fun and more sustainable to also use this event to support our local wine making region.  We would love to feature all the wineries from the Canberra and surrounding region.   We love our community.  We also know the wine making industry in the Canberra Region, a bit like Karinya House (tongue in cheek!), punches well above its weight in the wine making world. This is according to Canberra District Wine Industry Association president John Leyshon  (heard speaking at a local gathering of Rotarians)!  So what is the plan, we  hear you ask.  Check out this little article if you need further convincing…

We would love our Friends of Karinya to go exploring the fantastic Canberra District Wineries – When you go exploring buy at least two bottles or a case…  So there is at least one bottle for yourselves, and at least one bottle for Karinya!   Take a photo or two and share a little story about your exploration – maybe do a post on Facebook and tag us in, or Instagram or send us an email.

Let us know, and we will arrange to collect said bottle/s for Karinya. We are aiming for 300 bottles of wine for the 2018 Gala Dinner … so you may need to take this bit of fun touring further afield as well!   We will acknowledge every winery involved, so you never know they may just throw in a bottle or two for us pro bono!  You can point them to our Gala supporter page.

Our aim – to get at least one bottle of wine from every winery in our local region represented in our Infamous Mystery Wine Draw.  So – how about it Canberra Region! Are you in?