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Hentley Farm Wines – Supporting Karinya House

Champions and Friends of Karinya – we have many! And every one makes a difference.

A very valued member of our supporter base is Hentley Farm Wines. Several cases of these beautiful wines, of the farm founded by Keith and Alison Hentschke, are gifted to our infamous “Mystery Wine Draw” at the Mother’s Day Gala Dinner each year. And they are very well received by guests who purchase the matching numbers for the Hentley Farm Wine bottles.

Some bottles of this exquisite wine are given to us also as gifts to use on special occasions, as gifts to other Karinya supporters,

We are pleased to announce that the partnership will also provide for a portion of the value of wine sales from a special “Friends of Karinya Selection” to be donated to Karinya.

Hentley Farm Wines are indeed for all occasions. And the bonus is, that when you purchase these wines, as well as enjoying beautiful wines, you will support the work of Karinya.

You can order wines by completing either of the forms below, and then emailing the form as detailed in the form, to our dear friend Sean Trenoweth at:

hentley-farm-karinya-house-order-form-May-2017-active  (Editable Excel Form)

hentley-farm-karinya-house-order-form-May-2017-print  (PDF Form)

If you find yourself on your travels, anywhere near Hentley Farm, in the Barossa, then do drop in and enjoy all there is on offer, and pass on our appreciation as well!

We welcome Hentley Farm Wines, with gratitude for their support


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