ACT Government – Community Services Directorate:

Child and Family Centres:

Maternal and Child Health Service:

Canberra Region – Community Services Directory:

Brought to you by CONTACT Canberra, the ACT Community Directory helps you find services, community organisations and support groups in the Canberra region.


OneLink offers a range of information, support and services, including homelessness support and child, youth and family services to those in the ACT.

Women’s Services:

Toora Women Inc (ACT):
Beryl Women Inc (ACT):
Domestic Violence Crisis Service (ACT):
Red Cross – Birth Family Support (ACT) or Call 02 6234 7600
Ask Izzy – Homelessness Support Services Directory
Houses to Homes (NSW)—programs/family-services/houses-to-homes/houses-to-homes.aspx
Personal Stories of Family Violence
Assistance Beyond Crisis – Micro Finance Facility
Adamus Nexus (Support Group)

Farrar Gesini Dunn – Free Information Tool

(Pre or post separation or divorce)

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Pregnancy and Parenting Information and Support:

Women’s Centre for Health Matters – having a baby in canberra:

The Australian Young, Pregnant and Parenting Network:

CCCares @ Canberra College:

CCCares @ Canberra College is a program for pregnant and parenting students from the ACT and surrounding districts. We provide flexible delivery of learning and content, towards the receipt of an ACT Year 12 Certificate and certified competency based training.

Parentline ACT – Parenting Support Service

Parentline ACT is a not-for-profit organisation offering a free confidential telephone service for parents and families in the ACT and surrounding area. Calls are answered by workers who are professionally trained to help you with information and support.

The Parents Village

The Parents Village is a perinatal support service for new and expectant parents.  Based in Sydney, the team at the Parents Village is happy to offer support over the internet (Facebook and Skype).

Post and Ante Natal Depression Support:

Career Information:

After extensive consultation with high school students, it was determined that there was a lack of useful resources available to help them understand career choices. My Big Tomorrow was created to fill that void with inspiration, information and education.  This resource is useful for any person interested in options for life long learning.

The Hope Book:

About this book… “HOPE is based on the principles of positive psychology (the cognitive skill set of Hope Theory in particular) and explores how individuals aspire by identifying and then navigating pathways, through often difficult situations, towards goals that have meaning and purpose.”   Written for primary school age children, we actually think the ideas within Hope have application to people of all ages… and during all the times and trials of life.



Mind the Bump

Mind the Bump is a free Mindfulness Meditation App to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent.



Daisy is an app developed by 1800RESPECT to connect people experiencing violence or abuse to services in their local area.


Sunny is 1800RESPECT’s app for women with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. Sunny has been co-designed with women with disability to make sure it provides the very best support for the people who use it.