People find their way to Karinya House along many different pathways.


Individuals are welcome to contact Karinya House if they need our services. If you need our assistance, contact us today.

Friends, Family and Colleagues

Often times, there are people in the community who know an individual and also know of the services of Karinya House.  If you know a person who may be in need of the services of Karinya House, please do recommend them to us and refer them to our contact page.

Professional Referrals

There are many community and housing organisations, social workers, school counsellors and health professionals who often have a professional obligation or interest in referring a client to Karinya House.

Referrers need to be aware of Karinya House, its services and the client base in an informed way. This will ensure that Karinya House receives appropriate referrals matched to our areas of service provision.  An understanding of the processes and procedures of Karinya House in terms of referral and the best pathway to take to ensure all needs of the client are met.  Awareness and knowledge regarding care and protection are also paramount. It should also be noted that Karinya does not accept individuals as a result of court order, unless the client themselves wishes to work with Karinya House,  as all clients attend and reside at Karinya on a voluntary participation basis.

Karinya is always welcoming of requests for interagency briefings or visits to mutually explore the potential for service interaction and collaboration. If you would like to arrange a meeting of this nature, please contact Karinya House.