Karinya House is proud to launch the Karinya House Endowment Fund.

The Committee recognises the significance of donor revenue in the ordinary course of operations.  Donor revenue supports 30% of the annual operating costs of the Association. The KHEF will operate separately to ordinary operations and is developed to deliver strategic outcomes above and beyond operations. It is hoped Karinya Friends who contribute to the KHEF will continue to also support Karinya House general operations through regular annual donations.

The purpose of the KH Endowment Fund (KHEF) is to broadly support the Objects of Karinya House and specifically to both support Karinya House programs with a certain and flexible funding stream from year to year and to raise funds to further the strategic development of Karinya House services and provide independent long-term sustainability of these services.

 The Committee has an initial (aspirational) goal of raising $10,000,000.

The KHEF  has a current balance of $100,000, with our sincere gratitude to one of our Karinya Friends, who has  made this first donation to the fund, since its establishment late in 2021.

This digital “Honour Board” has been established to recognise, with gratitude, the wonderful humans who have contributed to the KHEF.