Where would we be without our Friends?

Karinya House was established by a small group of individuals in the Canberra community in 1993, who got together and established the Karinya House for Mothers and Babies Trust and set about raising seed funding with a target of $250,000. A substantial sum at the time! In January 1997, the Incorporated Association, Karinya House Home for Mothers & Babies Inc. was set up.  On 29 September 1997, Karinya House for Mothers and Babies opened and since this time we have journeyed with over 2,600 women.

The funding premise for Karinya House has always been a true collaboration between government, corporate, community and individuals/families.  Together we are the Canberra Region community, and together we form the village for women in our community, who are pregnant or parenting a baby, who otherwise would have very limited support.

There are many individuals and families who since 1993 have donated financially to Karinya House for some, or even all of this period to date.  For Karinya House, our Friends are a key part of our sustainability into the future.   We know and understand financial commitments to services like Karinya House are limited in time and capacity. We do invite you to become a Friend of Karinya, with a single donation or a recurring donation. In any way you are able.  Be a Friend, and stand alongside with us.  Our number of Friends is small, much like our footprint is small. And our staff longevity is such, that we often know each and every one of you, and we recognise new Friends when they donate.  We hope to stay this way, even as we grow our number of friends as we need to do.  Emails about donations coming in always make us smile, and when we see our familiar friends pop in, the smile is often so very broad.

We are inviting all our Friends, past, present and future, to share with us an image that represents each of you, so we can in this small way, represent the Village of Karinya to the Women we are walking alongside, our community, of which everyone is a valued part.