Today we held our Annual General Meeting, with the kind assistance of the the Canberra Southern Cross Club, who provided us with a meeting room.  The meeting is for Members of the Association to hear a report on the Association’s activities for the 2014-2015 year, as well as an opportunity for us to thank our members, our Association Committee as well as our staff and volunteers.

The gathering was small, though we have about 40 members of the Association.  New Members are welcome, and if you are interested in becoming a member, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We took the opportunity to extend our thanks to Belinda Clark, who for the past three years has been a member of our Committee, as well as Secretary. Belinda has other commitments at this time, however did express her thanks for “wonderful years” of service on the Committee, as well as her best wishes with the new ventures that await Karinya, as we move toward our New Home.  We were also very pleased to welcome Daniela Matic to the Committee as Secretary, and also the wonderful architect of our New Home, Cassandra Keller, who is joining the Committee also. We thank these women for their acceptance of their nomination to the Committee, as well as the renomination of all our other generous and wise Committee members.  All our Committee work tirelessly toward the objects of the Association, and provide their Committee time on a volunteer basis. As an Incorporated Association, we rely on the generous spirit of people to form our Committee, as we could not exist as an organisation without them. We will be updating our Committee section on the website soon with some details about our new Committee members.

The members of the Association were also presented with the Annual Report for 2014-2015. We would encourage you to review the document, in particular the first half that outlines the services of Karinya through 2014-2015.  These reports are written by our Staff and Committee Executive and they do provide some insight into the work of Karinya House, that is so wonderfully supported by the Canberra and Regional Community.  Karinya House simply would not be without you.

We would like to extend our thanks to Matt Berry-Smith, who assisted with the report design and layout. Matt does this for us each year, and there are many, many hours provided at no-cost, and the remainder of hours provided at a discount rate. In addition, the printer Matt uses, ADD Colour, have also provided a discount on the printing costs.