Karinya’s New Home

Karinya House is moving to a new home. We invite the community to help us so that this can be a place where women can call 'Home' for while; where they can build their 'Hope'; where they can dream their new 'Horizon'. Karinya House - Home. Hope. Horizon.

Our new purpose built Home is almost complete. Fully funded by the ACT Government, construction of the new facility began late in 2015. The new Home for Karinya House will be completed in August 2016.

Karinya House will lease the entire premises and the facility remains a new and valuable asset for Housing ACT.

It is nearly 19 years since Karinya House commenced operation on 29 September, 1997. As many of our supporters are aware, this new Home has been a long term vision of the organisation and we are proud that it is coming to fruition.

The new Home will double Karinya’s residential accommodation capacity, as well as providing a designated area for the provision of outreach support including our groups program.

This purpose built Home exemplifies best practice with collaborative partnerships encompassing community, corporate and government sectors. This relationship is critical to the provision of residential and outreach support to the most vulnerable women in our community.

Karinya House was responsible for the fit out of all the homes, counselling and office areas.   At a project cost of around $420,000, the required funding target was, rather overwhelmingly, met with significant corporate and community support, both financially and in-kind.

However, the move for Karinya House will also involve renewed annual funding endeavours in partnership with government, private and corporate sectors, to ensure that the increased annual operating costs of full service delivery, are funded into the future.

Karinya House is supported by private individuals and corporate sponsors, and their generosity is acknowledged through our publicity and promotion.

We would love to speak with you if you or your organisation is in a position to support Karinya in a small or large way, and we can make a commitment to get together and work out some kind of mutually beneficial partnership.

View the Karinya House Purpose Built Facility Site Plan and Karinya’s New Home Blog

Latest News

July 25, 2016

The James N. Kirby Foundation – Thank you!

Karinya House received a very welcome letter the other day, with advice from the James N. Kirby Foundation, confirming they would provide a grant of $15,000 toward the fit-out of our New Home.

We have had a long time friendship with the James N. Kirby Foundation.  During the 19 years of our operation, we have received eight grants averaging around $10,000 each.  The grants have covered various aspects of Karinya’s work. Primarily though the focus of the grants has been to fund the costs of direct assistance to the women of Karinya,  with purchases of items of particular need. This could be medication, special equipment, clothing, travel support, and other direct costs of individual support that would otherwise incur costs that the women in our care could not afford.

The website for the James N. Kirby Foundation, reveals a tremendous and diverse listing of numerous recipients of funding from this Foundation.  We are humbled to be one of the many on these listings.

We thank the James N. Kirby Foundation for their continued support. Karinya House relies on the support of many to continue to be the difference in someone’s world.  Each and every one of our supporters is so valued.



The Snow Foundation – Long Time Friends

Karinya House is very privileged to have the support of The Snow Foundation.  The Snow Foundation, just like Karinya House, is Canberra grown.  To quote from their website:

“The Snow Foundation is the creation of brothers Terry Snow and George Snow who established the foundation in 1991 to benefit the disadvantaged community in Canberra and the surrounding region.”

Funding received by The Snow Foundation in the 2015/2016, an amount of $40,000, to support the employment of a full-time Caseworker, who also runs our Groups Program, marks the 10th year of funding support from The Snow Foundation.  This support has been a vital part of our extensive annual community funding platform and the difference this funding makes cannot be understated.  The Groups Program provides 40 weeks of programming, covering an extensive range of topics.  This program provides wonderful networking opportunities for our Mums, social support, as well as information and skills.

The Snow Foundation have gone above and beyond this year, advising us recently that they will also contribute $20,000 toward the costs of implementing the new Information Technology and Communications system at our new facility.  Part of the ITC system is a new telephone system that costs in excess of $10,000.  The telephone is a vital part of our service.  Incoming and outgoing calls at Karinya are incessant really, and as a 24 hour service, the telephone is critical all day, every day.  The funding from The Snow Foundation has funded this equipment as well as a significant component of the related IT system being installed. All equipment being sourced has also been discounted by the relevant trade partners, Data Voice and F1 Solutions.

Karinya House has been built on community partnerships, through partnerships will all our donors and supporters. These partnerships are valued. We applaud The Snow Foundation for their invaluable work for the Canberra Community and we thank them for their partnership with us.  It is greatly appreciated.


Karinya’s New Home – July Update – The Long Thank You…

Yes!!! The time is coming when we will be moving to our New Home.  We are hoping this will be mid-August… but the timing is slightly dependent on the weather and the dotting of a few i’s and the crossing of a few t’s.

There are many people to thank as we move into the fitting out phase, and we have a feeling there will be a few more. We have previously noted the most significant investment of the ACT Government to construct the new housing complex. We thank the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr for his support and the support of the ACT Government, which has always been bi-partisan.  Theproject team at the Community Services Directorate  have been professional and supportive throughout this whole process, particularly Indra, Matt, Craig, Geoff and Bob and we thank them for their consideration throughout. The builders, Monarch Building Solutions, have been extraordinary and the pro bono contributions outside of the project scope have astounded us. Joe Pratezina and his team have been outstanding, and we are privileged to call them Friends now. We thank Joe, Lucy, Matt, Craig, Liam and all who have worked on the project construction. The complex, beautifully designed by Clarke Keller architects (who are also now corporate supporters of Karinya as well!),  does become a very valuable ACT Housing asset befitting the investment of $4.45 million.  That we, Karinya House, are to be the tenants of this new facility is humbling and a little nerve wracking.

We were required to complete the fit out. This itself was an overwhelming task, and somehow, through the generosity of so many, it is coming to fruition. The fit out itself is costed we can tell you now at close to $420,000.  We extend our thanks to Chadwick Designs, Cloth & Paper Studio, Sympatico Interiors, Clarke KellerMonarch Building Solutions, F1 Solutions, Ablaze Total SolutionsArgus Security, Canberra Southern Cross Club, Storage King Belconnen, The Good Guys Belconnen, Konica Minolta, Capital Easy FinanceDavid Jones – Civic, IKEA Canberra, Harris Scarfe – Tuggeranong, Good360, Rowdy Digital, Missing Bits Productions and others who have provided pro bono services or secured trade discounts that have funded over $200,000 of the fit out.

In addition we have received direct project funding from Rotary Club of Belconnen, Lions Club of Gungahlin, Lions Club of Belconnen, The Australian Lions Club Foundation, Rotary Club of Canberra North, The Snow Foundation, The James N. Kirby Foundation. These donors have provided total funding of $135,000. A total of 60 Private donors – individuals and businesses, have provided almost $44,000 in donations to date. The Melba Uniting Church have been stalwart supporters of this project to date, which has been so important to us, and will continue to be. Along the way we have met members from Rotary Ginninderra and the Melba Mens Shed, and in particular their Cycle Group, who have also provided some in kind support as well as direct financial and in kind support for some of the women of Karinya, with future support also promised, alongside members of the other Rotary and Lions Clubs.

You can see that we have been most fortunate, and we are still so completely overwhelmed, to be very close to funding the full costs of fit out.  This is just amazing and we are very humbled by the support we have received.

The wonderful aspect of the combination of the support that we have received is that the new homes particularly will be so beautifully appointed. They will be the most wonderful places for mothers and babies to reside in for the time they are being supported by the community through Karinya House. The in kind support by the wonderful designers of Chadwick Designs, Cloth & Paper Studio and Sympatico Interiors (Belle, Sarah and Debra, respectively) has ensured interior design and fit out way beyond what we would have been able to achieve on our own. The Information Technology and Communications systems as well as the security systems that will be put in place will fully support the new facility and should positively impact and enhance service delivery. The fit out of the Administration building has been largely supported through Monarch Building Solutions who secured, supplied and fitted most of the office furniture at no cost to Karinya.

There have been many individuals who have helped throughout these many months as the New Karinya comes to fruition. The Principals of the companies noted above, Community Services Club Members, and many other individuals have contributed greatly to this project throughout this period.

We will be saying thank you for a very long time.  We do hope that the best thanks to be given will be the continued services of Karinya House to the mothers and babies of our community.  These very special members of our community are the ones you are ultimately and so generously supporting. The women of Karinya do know their community is supporting them and this does make a difference every day in someone’s life… we can assure you.

Picture below is Leo Farrelly, outgoing President, Rotary Belconnen. Leo is holding one of the beautiful artworks being provided by the Club for Building D. (We would recommend you look at the wonderful work this Club do through their support of The Purple House, Western Desert Dialysis Centre.)


This photo is of the site during July. All buildings almost completed. The driveway well on its way to completion despite the rain.  You can see more photos of the project construction in the gallery.