As we reach the end of Anti-Poverty Week, it is so fitting we also acknowledge the impact of 2019 Mercy Walk for Women. Mercy Walk for Women is a statement of recognition of women and young girls, locally and globally, impacted by family violence, gender inequality, restricted access to education, poverty, homelessness and displacement. This year, our seventh Mercy Walk for Women, was the most successful in terms of monetary funds generated from the event.

We extend our sincere thanks to the following incredible supporters who made this success possible:

  • Boorowa Hotel who donates the use of the Boorowa Hotel Bus for Support and also end of walk Bubbles.
  • Taylors Buses Boorowa for their supply return transport 
  • Jack, our awesome bus driver
  • Teena and Dermot and the organising committee
  • Morning Tea Bakers and Makers  
  • Steven and Megan who provide their property driveway, Fairmeadows,  for morning tea 
  • Ozharvest Canberra for supplying the delicious fresh fruit 
  • Portaloo Drivers – all volunteers – and Portaloo Hire from Hilltops Council
  • St Josephs Primary School for supplying the tables and chairs for morning tea and lunch
  • Our Teams which included  Clarke Keller, Yass District Hospital, Yass Public Primary School and Yass High School, The Coloured Scarf Ladies from Canberra, The Weekend Warriors and many others
  • $17,010 raised from 168 Walkers.   This includes all registration fees, which were donated in full to Karinya House by the organising committee in full (who covered all financial costs of running this event themselves).  This is the highest ever result almost double last year’s! Every donation/sponsorship makes a difference ;)… Thank you to all the walkers who donated themselves or rounded up donations…

We were sitting around $14,000 at the last post the day after the walk was completed… Then one very generous walker donated $1,003 taking us past the $15,000 target.  A few more late donations came in via sponsor sheets and a couple of late online donations for the Mercy Walk which took us to the amazing final tally. Simply fabulous. Thank you to all the walkers and all the donors!

See you next year! The tentative date is 20 September 2020.