Anne, our midwife, was on the phone to a service provider the other day, and she recognised the voice on the other end of the phone.  After a little exchange this story came back via email.

“So good to hear your voice today.  I suddenly remembered the picture that was taken with you and Frances*, at the hospital, just after she was born. I will try and find it next time and send it to you.

Yes, it has been 17 years and those memories of the Karinya House staff running around to help us just all came back and I am feeling especially happy right now! ????

I have attached a couple of photos. The first is me and Frances (she is learning to drive!) and the second one is Frances at her formal last year, receiving a school award as well.  Frances is doing so well and she wants to go to University after College, and study Arts/Law. We will see what she ends up doing!

Maybe you can show these photos to the staff and residents there now and say hello to everyone from me and Frances!”   (Email from Meg*, originally part of the Karinya Journey in 2002.)

*Names have been changed.