The “Ladies of Lifting” tournament is happening over at Burley Strength, this Sunday 4 August 2019. This is an annual, female-only powerlifting competition hosted by Burley Strength, Rucci’s Gym & The Iron Stronghold. This event is also raising much-needed funding support for the services of Karinya House.

Our dear friends at Burley Strength, with thanks to Owner John, and trainer Jess, provide the Karinya House Weekly Powerlifting Program held at Burley Strength.

During the 2018/2019 Financial Year,  the powerlifting program for Karinya Women was held across 33 weeks and 80 Sessions, supporting 10 women. During the sessions, overall 7 babies were looked after, mostly by our wonderful volunteer, Vicki!  The total in-kind for the 2018/19 FY was $4950.

How awesome is that!  Thank you, John and Jess and the Burley Strength community for your support and for being part of our community.

Our best wishes to all the competitors. Have fun, lift safely and all power to you!