IMG_2245The changes that have occurred out at the building site of Karinya’s New Home since last month are astounding. As we walked on to site today for a meeting, we noted a van coming in with windows. We jested about them being up to windows, and when we saw Matthew, the trusty WHS Officer for Monarch Building solutions, he said that in fact they are! We walked around to the top of the site, which is a great viewing area (possibly a bar-b-que area in the future) and looked out over the site – Wow! there are now concrete slabs and timber frames. Simply astonishing. Matthew indicated that progress was going very well indeed and it was certainly evident by what we could see. During meetings with representatives from the ACT Government (our continued thanks! an amazing team to get the project this far … after quite a long journey!), Joseph Pratezina, Principal of Monarch Building Solutions provided a great progress update. All is going well, and Joe is very kindly working with our near neighbours also, who have welcomed us to the community during the lead up to the site determination. We look forward to working with our near neighbours also in some capacity in the future. Partnerships in the community are very special to us and we value every single one. Photos of the progress to date are located in the Photo Gallery… Enjoy!!