For the first time ever, Karinya had an Open Day.  On 18th November, over 100 of our friends, members of the Karinya community, came along and had a walk through parts of the New Karinya.  Due to the nature of Karinya, the invitation was issued through a bit of a complex process and we thank everyone for such wonderful understanding.  It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and much laughter and joy.  Our visitors were as overwhelmed as we are, by the beauty of the new Karinya and the wonderful sense of home and community that has been established, even in such a very short time.

The congregation of the North Belconnen Uniting Church offered their support and they arrived with trestle tables, urns, serving trolleys, crockery and many hands.  There were so many trays of sandwiches and mouthwatering slices and cakes that we gave up on the idea of a sausage sizzle. (Those sausages were frozen down and used yesterday – 15/12/2016 – at the Karinya Family Christmas Party!).  The wonderful UC women and men were wonderful hosts, and this left the Karinya staff free to run ‘tour groups’ through the complex.  It was a rather hot day. We thank Andrew Liegh MP who provided a portable shade structure for use on the day. Some of the women of Karinya also joined our other visitors during the day. It was just a fabulous day. We think we may even do it again during 2017!

Coincidentally on the day, we were also very fortunate to have the team from Deloitte, for the Deloitte Impact Day.  This wonderful group of four – Michelle, Ellouise, Aashta and Paul – were simply awesome.  Our Christmas Newsletter and Christmas Appeal Cards were folded and enveloped ready to be duly dispatched courtesy of the Deloitte Team. We appreciate the tasks at hand, at least for the most part, were a little tedious. As we said to the Deloitte Team, for a community based organisation that relies so heavily on support from the community around us, the mail outs they assisted with are very important to us.   One of the great synergies for the day was the arrival of David Morrison AO, a great Karinya supporter, who toured through with Marie-Louise, and was so pleased to see the Deloitte Team. David had been working with Deloitte this year, and it was a fun meeting of colleagues, all at Karinya to lend a hand.

There were many photos taken on the day. You can view a selection here.

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Karinya Open Day. Every supporter of Karinya House does truly make a difference!

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