Karinya House, like most organisations, relies on digital communications (comms) in this age in which we live.  As well as sharing information about the services we provide, digital communications are a link to our Friends and community with whom we share the story of Karinya. You partner with us in providing services to women. We rely on your partnership.  Growing our Karinya Village of support is also a very important part of future sustainability for delivery of services to women.

We are so pleased to welcome Jemma and the team, from locally grown Dak & Co, to provide management of social media communications.  Jemma was a Karinya Volunteer whilst completing her degree at the University of Canberra, and knew of Karinya House from her school years at St Clare’s College.  It has been wonderful to see Jemma create and develop Dak & Co!

Dak & Co  joins a wonderful combination of local, and very welcome, Karinya Friends and Partners.

Missing Bits Productionsthe inspiring duo that is Ben and Adam, provide all videography services, both for external and internal use.

Katey and the Team at 180 Degree Marketing have been alongside for  a number of years now and continue to provide Voice.Page and Design support.

Threesides Marketing have also recently joined Karinya as a digital communications partner, and they manage our Google Ads Grant.

Paper Monkey support the amazing Liam, who designs the Karinya House Annual Report.

Deloitte Digital designed and now support the new Karinya House Website which interfaces directly to our CRM (Salesforce), to ensure safe and secure donor financial management.

Digital Communications support the relationships we have with our existing non-government donor/grant base, and the development of this funding source.   Non-Government Funding represents 30% of annual operating revenues.

Conversely, all five service providers are contracted on a pro bono basis, and the combined cost is less than 1% of annual operating costs.

The overall market cost to Karinya House of the services are well below the commercial value, with some services being provided at zero cost.  We welcome Dak & Co, and we thank each and every one of our Digital Communications partners, for walking alongside with us, helping us share respectful insight and supporting recognition for some inspiring women within our community.