Beautiful flowers and card from Kalinda and Lauren.

Previous residents of Karinya House, Kalinda and 20-month-old daughter Lauren came to visit to bring us lovely gifts accompanied by a beautiful thank-you card. Kalinda was happy for us to share her thank you with you.

Kalinda brought us a beautiful flower arrangement and Lauren handed staff a box of chocolates and thankyou card.  She is so adorable!

Kalinda excitedly told us that she finished year 12 yesterday through CCCares and has a formal coming up in the near future.  She showed us a picture of her stunning formal dress. She has been working full time undertaking a hairdressing apprenticeship, while also studying.  She told us she has recently been promoted at KOVU Hair as receptionist and apprentice hairdresser. All this she does as a single mother to her beautiful little girl.  Kalinda’s Nan also helps with caring for Lauren.  Kalinda plans for Lauren to attend daycare next year.  Along with all these achievements, Kalinda also has a new car!

They have been in their home for about 9 months and have found it to be a wonderful safe haven. They are both so happy and well.

The card from Kalinda read: “To Karinya House, I want to start off with saying a massive THANKYOU!  I am so so grateful for all your love and support you gave Lauren and myself! Because of you we have a beautiful home.  Lots of love, Kalinda and Lauren xo.” It also included a special scribble drawing from Lauren – very cute!

This is just one of the many reminders we constantly have of why we do what we do at Karinya.


Kalinda, Lauren and some of the Karinya House Team.

Kalinda and Lauren’s lovely message to the Karinya Staff.