Please ponder the women and stories of life behind the numbers presented below.

During the six months, July to December 2016, we supported 140 women, and 44 children and/or partners.

We provided 224 periods of support.

43 Residential Support periods were provided to 22 women and 21 children.

181 Outreach Support periods were provided to 171 women, 49 children and 4 partners.

63% were aged 25 years and younger. 52% were homeless when referred to Karinya House.

We were unable to accommodate 52 women due to no residential place being available and provided outreach services as far as possible. We were unable to accommodate an additional 11 women who required accommodation but were outside of our service criteria. We referred them to more suitable services.

63% of women presented with issues of family violence.  32% of women presented with drug and/or alcohol issues.

We relocated the service over July and August 2016 from our former premises (two suburban houses) to our new purpose built community complex.  This period of transition did have some minor impacts on service capacity and delivery during the early months of transition.

Throughout the July to December period, we were supported by old friends and new from within the Canberra and Region community. The wonderful spirit of the Christmas season ended the period with amazing generosity from our community through vital financial donations to the Christmas Appeal, Christmas treats, pragmatic supplies and thoughtful gifts.

Thank you for your support, past, present and to come.  Karinya House is a community based organisation serving our community. Your partnership with us provides for women in our community impacted by life’s happenstance.