We asked Anne, who is a Senior Health Professional here at Karinya House, to share a little about her work here at Karinya. This is what she had to say….

I have been working as a midwife at Karinya House since April 2002. I feel very fortunate to work with the amazing women at Karinya. Many women make significant sacrifices and life changes to be able to parent their children, showing tremendous courage and resilience to achieve a safe and stable home for their family.

I am passionate about motherhood, encouraging mums to develop self-respect in their role as mothers and the realisation of how important it is to their child and to society in general. I have had the opportunity on many occasions to be a support person during labour and birth, and this has been extremely rewarding.

Recently I have received feedback from 3 women that I had assisted 15-17 years ago, who still fondly remember their time with Karinya. They sent photos of their children, who are doing well at school and with other pursuits.

It is such a privilege to support women to make positive changes in their life, which enable them to become better parents, and build healthy self-esteem and confidence during their successful transition to motherhood.

Anne’s presence as part of the Karinya Team is one that inspires us as well. Those who know Anne will understand the difference she makes to everyone whose path she crosses. Thank you Anne.