Karinya House values the health and safety of its Staff, Committee, Volunteers and the inspiring Women we walk alongside.

Comprehensive safety training, provided by Corporate Partner Ablaze Total Solutions, is undertaken each year, and healthy life style choices are promoted, both for all within the Karinya Village.

Being where we are and doing what we do, staff generally bring their lunch from home.  The Karinya team generally eats lunch together (time never pre-determined!) – this practice, whilst a simple one, has far reaching benefits for the Health and Wellbeing of our workplace staff and volunteers. It also translates to generally healthy food options being consumed throughout the day.  We do have some star bakers and cooks who provide the occasional treat – especially for birthdays, other celebrations and just because…! Staff are always keen to see what new and delicious healthy food options are brought for lunch by other staff and volunteers.  A new recipe is often passed out among the staff to be trialled at home with family.

The Karinya team also promotes health and well being to clients through Group sessions and one on one interactions. We run a weekly session for our women to access information and creativity in a safe and supportive environment. Some topics include – (from external presenters)

  • Dance and exercise classes
  • Informative sessions on nutrition/smoking cessation/children and women’s health
  • Art workshops
  • Food creativity

A healthy morning tea and lunch is provided at every Group. Our women are given the opportunity to learn both theory and practical components of the above topics.

Karinya House also provide weekly access to powerlifting classes and walking groups. Cooking classes have occurred on occasion depending on the residential mix, and we have new weekly regular cooking class in the planning stage. We allow staff, volunteers and clients access to our residential push bikes for leisure and some, including Committee Members, choose to participate in events such as the annual Mercy Walk for Women (23km walk in Boorowa) and the Canberra Times Running Festival.  We have a number of keen runners, walkers, gardeners, swimmers…  in our staff team, and many are members of some fantastic gyms across the region.

The Karinya House team are always looking for healthy ideas to improve health and well being for those connected with us.

The 24th October is #HealthierWorkDay for @HealthierWorkACT!   What are you going to do tomorrow, and each and every day for your own health and wellbeing! So important to those you care for, that you care for yourself.   If you would like a Karinya House Drink Bottle or Running Singlet to help you in your healthy travels, do contact us.