You may recall that particularly fun event early this year, Cosy Up with Karinya, at King O’Malley’s.  At the time, Karinya Friend, Peter Barclay, introduced us to the KOM marketing team, 180 Degree Marketing, who kindly provided the event marketing collateral.  The whole event was a bit of a hoot… we may do it again in 2019!  Perfectly crafted beer, wine that was a pure delight.. and oh.. the Schnapps and Gin! Yes quite a good night. But we digress….

The actual story here is that Katey and the team from 180 Degree then offered to provide us with a bit of marketing support, primarily as their Charity Partner engagement. It took us a while to get a little co-ordinated.

With advice from another Karinya Friend in the Digital Strategy area, we had just engaged a wonderful University of Canberra Student, studying Communications & Event Management. Rachel is giving us a few hours a week on staff as our Digital Communications and Social Media Officer.

Then we got a little distracted along the way, as usual, given day to day happenings at Karinya.

Rachel is now settling in and getting to know us, as are the members of the 180 Degree crew.

We have now had our first workshop with 180º Marketing after a bit of internal intelligence gathering by the various parties, and quite a few weekly meetings.  The workshop was a highly entertaining morning, and a little enlightening too. Executive Director Marie-Louise is still somewhat overwhelmed and also a little shocked by the research, including analysis of the annual Australian spend on Baby Showers, Babymoons (that’s a thing!) and Gender Reveal Parties (that too is a thing, although technically speaking and according to the gender experts we have to hand, such events should actually be referred to as a sex reveal party!). Needless to say, less than 1% of the annual spend across Australia on events such as these, would give Karinya House an endowment to ensure our services continued for another 20 years and supported another 2,000 or more local women. (So just as an aside, if you are having one of these events, maybe think of a 1% donation to Karinya House. We also send our best wishes and congratulations, and hope you have a fabulous time with family and friends, or partners as the situation may deem… given family and friends are unlikely to be on the Babymoon.)

The marketing ideas were aplenty and awash with the Karinya quirkiness.. so we are looking forward to the journey.  Keep an eye out over the next 12 months as we work toward creating our Karinya Village. Because we are the village (the one you have when you don’t have a village).  Be the village with us, won’t you?

Thank you 180 Degree Marketing – for building a hut with us! We think we may have the ground floor in place.

A little about 180 Degree Marketing.. to quote …

  • “Access to the best resources with no lock-in contracts.
  • Dedicated to driving results.
  • If you want to scale sustainably and measure results, hire one of our Marketing Managers.”

We value having this expertise in the House, at a very nominal rate. Thank you Team 180 for partnering with us.