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Double Up for Karinya This September!

Double the impact of your donation this September.

Every woman who is pregnant or parenting a baby, should be surrounded with the support she needs. One of the main supports is time.

This September - your donation will be matched - $ for $ - by our Matched Giving Fund Partners. Double your Impact and invest in the lives of women in our community. This includes funds raised through the Mercy Walk for Women being held across September.

Our Matched Giving Partners: CK Architecture, Chadwick Designs, Corkhill Bros, Monarch Building Solutions, Pat's Plumbing First Choice, Riverview Projects (ACT), Sharwood Hampers, Successful Alliances, William Cole Funerals.

The Total - Donations + Matched Funds - raised so far is: $34,666

This donation is made in memory of Wendy Maree Anderson - 04/06/1938 to 10/10/2017.

-John E

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