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Christmas 2023 - IPEA

Our good friends at IPEA are walking alongside with us this festive season.

As we head toward December 2023 and the season of giving, we, as always, are thankful for the village of support which surrounds Karinya House, each and every year.

In whatever way you celebrate this time of year, between the old year and the new year, and across the southern hemisphere summer, we invite you to ponder the women supported by our community, through Karinya House. In a recent article about Karinya House, journalist Dione David described Karinya Services as the "scaffolding" around a woman to support her goals. Within the giving circle that we operate, you, our supporters, financial and in-kind are the "scaffolding" around Karinya House.

We have great love and gratitude to everyone who has supported Karinya House over 2023.

We recognise there are many who particularly choose to support Karinya House around Christmas time each year, and we are thankful for the joy and sense of celebration you bring to the House, and to the women we are walking alongside over the summer season.

Thank you, our friends at IPEA, for supporting the 2023 Christmas Appeal. If you are making your financial donation as a gift for Friends or Family members, you are welcome to print this eCard (coming soon!) to give them in lieu of their gift.

Total gifts to date ... $102

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