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Be part of our Village!

Join our village and support women who are pregnant or parenting a baby. Be their Friend with us.

Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the support she needs.

However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated.  Join with us and be their village.

Women and children who are supported by Karinya House go on to make a home, access education, gain employment and engage in their communities. The change that Karinya House creates is transformational and has a positive impact on future generations.  

Karinya House has been described as the scaffolding around a woman, supporting her to achieve her goals.

The village around Karinya House is our scaffolding also, allowing us to extend our services to more women within our community.

We currently have around 250 recurring donors who are part of our Village (2023). You can help us to reach the 1,000 villagers we are seeking, who choose to walk alongside with us each year, to sustain our services into the future, as annual operating costs of service delivery increase.

Join with us, donate today, become a recurring donor if you are able, and support women in our community. Walk alongside with us. Be their village.

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