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Ends 31 May 2019

Throughout the Month of May, women are celebrated for their incredible love, passion and kindness. Throughout the month of May, we wish to share this celebration with as many women as we can through our 2019 Mother’s Day Appeal 2019.    The 2019 Mother’s Day Gala Dinner, held on 3 May has contributed net proceeds of $45,097toward the total funds raised to date for May.

You may like to give a gift in thought of the mother in your life. Help us celebrate the women of Karinya and support women who are pregnant or parenting newborns, in our local community, and without support. Join with us and be the Village. You can share your gift by printing of this beautiful Mother’s Day Certificate 2019 for the woman in your life that has made a difference.

We invite you to join us throughout the Month of May. Whether you join us by making a vital donation towards our Mother’s Day Appeal, or you supported our Gala Dinner, we thank you for celebrating all women.

Each year Karinya House walks with over 200 women who are pregnant or early parenting, and their babies and families, from within our Canberra Region community. We support almost 200 more with information, advice and referral, as well as material support, where full casework support is not required.  The women we support have very little other support. Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time.​ However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated.  

Our primary service is best practice casework support.  One of our Senior Caseworkers and her co-Caseworker recently received cards from a woman they have supported. Each card said…
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I could not have come this far without you. Thank you for being a huge part in making my life better.”

With you, we can be the partner, the mother, the family, the sister, the brother who walks with a woman in crisis. Be a Friend and walk with us. Be the Village with us.

Help us be the person.  Support our Mother’s Day Appeal this May.

Make a Donation – Support Karinya 

For more information about our fundraising efforts please read below:
The funds raised during May are enough to employ a full-time caseworker for twelve months.  The cost of a full-time caseworker is over $80,000 including salary, on costs and infrastructure support.  A caseworker walks alongside up to 10 women at any one time and are an integral part of celebrating and supporting the women of Karinya.   Karinya House self funds a significant part of our Casework Team. Your donation helps us “be the person”.  

The fundraising target and tally above includes all donations to the Mother’s Day Appeal and the Net Proceeds arising from the Gala Dinner, held on 3 May 2019.


Fundraiser Ended

This fundraising event has ended. Thank you to all who participated.