Our Goal


Ends 30 Jun 2020

Welcome to Tamara Haitsma, who is supporting Karinya House through her Scentsy business.  If Scentsy is your thing.. you can be about these products and support Karinya House at the same time. You can read about Tamara’s business here.

Tamara’s aim is to support Karinya House with various promotions donating some Scentsy products as gifts for women we walk alongside. In addition Tamara hopes to generate donor revenue to support Karinya House, as well as build her own donation to Karinya House as a proportion of sales revenue.

Each year, Karinya walks alongside over 200 women, who are pregnant or early parenting, with little or no support.  Karinya provides around 29,000 service hours each year at a cost of $66 per hour.   Every donation makes a difference.. can you support a caring presence for one hour.

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