“She knows it is her community who is recognising and supporting her.”

This statement is true for all the women we are privileged to work with.

Thank you to all our donors during February 2021: The Catenian Association, The Fenns, Charlotte, Chadwick Designs, Jackie, Kevin, Sharwood Hampers , Pat’s Plumbing First Choice, Cathy, LIndy, Christine, Reagan, Marianne, Tony, Giulia, Karina, Carol, Anthony, Kristy-Lee, Tim, Rebecca, Maxine, Fiona, Selina, Miriam, Mark, Amanda, Jennifer, Kevin, Matthew, Heather, Bernadette, Liam, Claire, Laura, Geoffrey, Carmel, Terrence, Braddon Dental Surgery, Geoff and Una, Peter, Colleen, James, Lauren, Belle, James, Cindy, Rebecca, Cheryl, Jackie, Jennifer, Tom, Nadene, Jasmin, Vicki, Luisa, Gabrielle, Sam, Jeremy and Kathryn, David, Sabine, Leah, Garry, Lara, CK Architecture, Tim, Jeremy, Reagon, Suzanne, Anne, Jessica, Henry, Anne, Jasmin, Simon, Kylie, Alma, Elizabeth, Louise, Kate, Fiona, Michelle, Margaret, Tony, Brian, Brendan, Anthony, Madeline, Zed, Gregory, Matt, Maureen, Jane, John, Monica, Catherine, Maddocks, Christine, Kellie, Claire, Sally, Rick, Kristina, Catherine, Dave, Matt, The Evatt Take Away, FSW Shoes Jamison, Amanda, Katherine, Clare, Joanna, Percita, Leo, Christine, Carmel, Max and Cathy, Kerry, Shelley, The Tall Foundation, Dale, Wendy, Shannon, Solace Creations, Peter, Kim, Shane, Clare, Emilie, Kirsten, Michael, Catherine, Stephanie, Cassandra, Rebecca, David, Robert, Alexandra, Beatrice, Virginia, Brendan, Katherine, John, LInda, Alex, Joanna, Sarah, Daryl, Aaron, Rosanna, Rudolph, Krista, Linda, Mark, Cecilia, Barry and Margaret, Nick, Susanna, Catherine, Kathy, Michael, Megan, Margaret, Sarah, Sarah, Claire, James, Patrick, Kaylene, Kathleen, Katarina, Nicole, Dave, Louise, Raymond, Chelsea, Michael, Brendan, Dora, Neil, Paul, Donna, Anna and Duncan.

Most of the above donors are recurring donors, so their names appear every fortnight or month or quarter or year.

In addition, whilst we refer many in kind donation offers over to Roundabout Canberra or GivitACT, the following in-kind donations were received by Karinya during February 2021: The Canberra Centre, St Vincent de Paul Yass, Nichola, OzHarvest Canberrra, Anglicare, Karen, Bosom Buddies ACT, Canberra Baby Directory, Kerry, Ozharvest, Vicki, Roundabout Canberra, Lions Club of Canberra -Belconnen, Good 360 and Louise.   And all the Karinya House Volunteers, including our Committee, for their time in kind during February 2021.

What a difference each and every one you of you make in the lives of women, we work and stand with, their lives and the lives of babies and children.

The image used in this post was commissioned by Karinya House and is used with permission. Image may not be reproduced without consent of the artist.  Copyright remains with the artist, Kiara Mucci, @themuccibird