At our recent Mid Year gathering earlier this month, we had occasion to celebrate two of our amazing Support Workers. who are moving on to new stages in their journeys.

Carolyn Burns has been with us for almost 19 years (since May 2002!) and retired in April.

Executive Director, Marie-Louise Corkhill, shared the news  of Carolyn’s retirement with the staff team, she said:

“I am writing to share the news that after 19 years Carolyn Burns is retiring from Karinya Houseto spend more time with her dear husband Vince and family.

Carolyn began her working life in 1972 as a nursing aid at the Calvary Hospital in Sydney before completing a teaching degree. For the next 30 years Carolyn juggled teaching roles, raising hersix children with husband Vince and taking on numerous volunteer roles across community sport, school and within her faith community.

Carolyn undertook her first Karinya House shift in May 2002. Since this time Carolyn has been an invaluable member of the Karinya House team.

On reflecting on her time at Karinya House, Carolyn recently shared the thing she enjoyed most about her role at Karinya was caring for women and making a difference. Carolyn also reflected on how at nearly 70 years of age, Carolyn felt she could take on the role of ‘granny’ for many of the women at Karinya House. With 21 grandchildren this is a role that Carolyn is certainly well practiced at and something retirement will provide much more opportunity for.”

Kim O’Dea has been with us 2013, and at the time of her resignation had provided 8 years of service as a Support Worker.  Kim commenced work with Karinya House on 11 April 2013.

Similarly, Marie-Louise shared this news with the staff team, saying:

“As the days change from Autumn to Winter, I am writing to share another change with our wonderful support worker team. Kim O’Dea has decided now is the time for her to leave Karinya House as her family and life commitments change.

At the time of her recruitment to Karinya House, one of her referees commented that Kim may present as quiet, however Kim has an inner confidence and strength… qualities within Kim we have often witnessed over her 8 years with Karinya House.

In tendering her resignation Kim shared the following “I have really enjoyed working with all the wonderful staff at Karinya House. They are such talented, caring and special people”.”

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Carolyn and Kim’s respective commitment and service to the women Karinya House works alongside at the Committee, Staff and Volunteer Mid-Year Gathering in early June 2021. Due to the rolling 24/7 roster shifts at Karinya House, it has always been an important part of our practice framework to gather as the Karinya Team on a bi-annual basis.

We thank the Canberra Southern Cross Club who has hosted and supported these gatherings in recent years.