On Thursday morning 11th April, Karinya House staff will be gathering for a morning tea to farewell Alex Garrett and thank him for all his hard work over many years in being our gardener extraordinaire.  

The beautiful blooms Alex has planted and cared for at the new Karinya House.

Alex working at the old Karinya House in year’s past.

Maintaining a beautiful house would not be at all possible without the dedication of our highly skilled and very gifted gardener, Alex, who somehow keeps flowers blooming all year round! Alex has not been merely maintaining our garden but plays an important part of keeping Karinya House up to the standard of a very well cared property.

We would like to extend our special thanks to our Alex for volunteering his time each week to caring for the our gardens for almost as long as Karinya House has been in operation.  Alex joined us when we were living in the suburbs, firstly in one house known as Karinya House. Alex then also took over looking after our second house, Erin House.  Anyone who has seen our gardens at Karinya House knows the extent of Alex’s talent and skill and his outstanding dedication.  

Alex moved with us when we moved to the new Karinya House.  It is a much more extensive complex, and beyond the initial landscaping (into which Alex had some input), Alex has continued to develop the grounds and gardens which are now a living and vibrant expanse of colour and textures, bringing great joy to all who live, work and visit at Karinya House. We really are unable to thank Alex so much for all he does.  However, you can view an insight into our thoughts here (with thanks to Ben Wade, Missing Bits Productions)!

We do wish Alex and his wife Louise, all the very best, as Alex finally hangs up the Karinya Boots!  We will miss you Alex, and not just for your gardening. You are a true gentleman.

It only remains to offer grateful appreciation to all Volunteers and Staff members who give their time and energy, often beyond the call of duty, to making Karinya House a home.

We would like to now welcome Kevin and Wayne who will continue Alex’s role as our volunteer gardeners.  Thank you both for joining the Karinya family!