Luton Properties are proud to announce our charities for this year’s Luton Charity Ball Homes of Hope – Hartley Life Care, Project Independence and Karinya House for Mothers & Babies.

Prepare yourself for a luxurious evening, step onto your catamaran.

A night of sumptuous leisure, set sail for the Mediterranean.

Fine food, wine & exceptional company, see the unique landscape whilst sightseeing.

Settle into a night of abundant fun & laughter, envision the sunset, Island dreaming.

Karinya House is humbled to be selected as one of the Homes of Hope to benefit from the 2017 Luton Charity Ball.  We invite our Corporate and Business Partners to support the Luton Charity Ball and Karinya House.

Tickets and all the information is now on the Luton Charity Ball website.

Would you like an Event sponsor packages?  See the Luton Charity Ball website for more information,  You best be quick though as these limited opportunities are going fast.  It is wonderful to welcome All Homes as the Santorini Island Premier Sponsor.   We also welcome GoHosting as the Sunset Sponsor.  Moran & Agnew have been quick to take their place as one of the three Fira Sponsors, and we welcome them also. Thank you all for supporting this great event, and “Homes of Hope”.

We do need items for Auction (with cross promotion through All Bids), including a number of big ticket items, so if you would like to participate and support this event through item donation please email Jo  or phone Jo on 0429 945804.

We would love to see our Corporate and Business Partners and Champions, and Friends of Karinya shine at the Luton Charity Ball. You can book your tickets here.

Send us a email and let us know you are going too! Thank you.