Let Karinya House be the Home for your EOFY Donation this year.

Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby, should be surrounded with the support she needs. One of the main supports is time. Karinya House invests time to support each individual woman we walk alongside.

In resource rich countries such as Australia, homeless families, more often than not headed by women, are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Families who are experiencing a period of homelessness, often have experienced a life marked by violence, trauma and isolation. Experiences that time, space, compassion and a sense of family and connection can begin to address.

At Karinya House we know that if we invest early and work with a family experiencing structural inequalities over the long term, the lives of women and children can be profoundly impacted, and life trajectories changed..

Australian research has indicated that the following are critical in providing specialist services to the women and children Karinya House walks alongside:

  • Allowing a woman to stay with Karinya House for as long as is needed.
  • Intensive support and advocacy by professionals, including a health professional, who understands how homelessness and violence impacts of pregnancy and early parenting.
  • Supporting women and their babies through and beyond a period of homelessness, ensuring housing has every opportunity to remain stable and safe.
  • Working closely with other agencies within the community, health, housing and education sectors, providing holistic care, without duplication.
  • Peer support.

At Karinya House, we are privileged to journey with women and children in a very profound way and personally share part of their lives for a while. We are able to do this because of our unique funding framework, a collaborative partnership of government, corporate and community funding. This means that we can provide the time and presence of caseworkers and health professionals.

Intensive space and time, focused on being with an individual for the long term, in whatever way they need, to build a brighter future.

The cost of providing an individual woman a tailored, comprehensive continuum of care, is in the human relationships and connections.

Join with us on this journey.  Your donation can give the gift of time, space, hope and new horizons.

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