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Over the years since we started we have been so very well supported by all of the Canberra and Regional community. This support, particularly of donated goods, has continued to increase. We have had so many emails and messages offering baby goods, clothing, toys, toiletries and many other items for the women, babies, children, families that we assist. We know the region has a generous heart.

PLEASE NOTE:  November 2017:  Our stores are fully stocked.  We are unable to take any donations of goods until March 2018.   We are only accepting items specifically related to our Christmas Appeal, which will be suitable for composition of the hampers and gifts we provide to our community of women and their families. Please contact if further information is required.   Financial donations to our Christmas Appeal can be made here. Thank you, as always. 

Karinya House is in our new Home.  We still have limited storage capacity for donated material goods.  Thanks to you, we also have in many of the baby goods, clothing, maternity wear, women’s wear, toys and many other items that we need for the moment.   When we require specific items at we will put a call out on social media during this period.   For future donations of material goods please note the following.

As a tip, new or mint condition baby clothing (0000 to 0) is always required as it is a constant part of the packs that we provide to women (and not so roomy to store!).

A detailed listing of what we are able to normally accept can be found here.  what-can-we-accept    If you have items that you wish to donate, from March 2018, then give us a call or send an email – please include your phone number.

As the re-purposing of pre-loved material goods is not our primary area of service delivery, we still do not have large areas of storage. The provision of material support is a key service that we do provide, and we always provide new baby packs as well as some other items when the need arises and we do have small stock on hand.

We do have very good relationships with local charities that specifically manage pre-loved clothing and other goods. They support our women and families and they are better placed to manage the storage and processing of donated goods. If you do have these types of items you want to pass on, we would encourage you to contact local charities such as St Vincent de Paul, The Green Shed, The Salvation Army and Smith Family stores, who are able to process these goods to people who need them now.  If we do need specific items (especially when our women start to transition from Karinya to their own home) we will let you know as these items we can pass on immediately.

Karinya House is a community based organisation.  We rely on the the financial support of our community as well as material support. Financial modelling of the New Karinya operating costs confirms that we need 3,000 financial Friends to remain sustainable. We have around 600.  If you can become a Friend of Karinya ($10 or $20 or $30 or whatever amount per month) this will make the world of difference to the women of Karinya.  Your donations will go directly to staffing costs. We do have many volunteers at Karinya, including our Committee. As a professional service we also have significant staff costs. Our staff contribute many hours that are above their paid hours. Whilst we do receive some funding from the ACT Government, this is not sufficient to fund all our caseworkers, including our midwives, and small administration team.

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful and continued support. We are grateful. And we are constantly amazed by your generosity.

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